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Drop Shipping from Amazon to eBay Buyers Instructions:

What if I told you that drop shipping products from Amazon to Ebay could put thousands of dollars in profit per month in your pocket? – You don’t have to pack anything, you don’t have to keep any items in stock, and there is little to no work involved, I ask would you do it?

To Drop ship from Azon to eBay in a Plain Brown Box visit: Plain Box Drop Shipping, and click on the boxes each time… Continue reading

There is a huge seller suspension problem with eBay’s Guardrail System

Good sellers like this one are being suspended left and right. There is no appeal process. Customer service reps just say you don’t meet the qualifications to sell on eBay.

This topic is being discussed on many blogs, forums, and Facebook groups. What it all boils down to is this. eBay want’s to automate everything so they can lay off as many employees as possible. They came up with this Guardrail System that scans their databases and if it… Continue reading

Has your eBay sellers account been suspended? This information might help.

Here is a list of eBay Employee email addresses that might be able to help get your suspension lifted.

We all know how hard it is to make contact with someone at eBay support because of how they hide contact info.

Apparently someone at eBay Community (Lithium Technologies) left the barn door wide open allowing Google to index 181 current eBay employee email addresses.

There is a good chance these addresses will be wiped from Google’s index as soon… Continue reading

eBay Motors is one of the oldest eBay forums.

But a few days ago another poster that is well known on several other eBay forums posted this message.

Is eBay motors board needed? 01-04-2014:

“Seems to be only 5 regulars and not much advice. The knuckle walkers and the 19 year old programmers could any day now just say “Lets just turn it off”

It’s sad because this board used to have some of the best brains in the car business hanging out on it. There was never a… Continue reading

Came across this job listing on Elance. Notice this verbiage: Also, sending people to eBay or Amazon’s customer service is unacceptable.

We are looking for an eBay and Amazon expert to go on their respective forums and help our potential customers solve problems they are having with each platform. We expect you to gather information for us, which will help make our product even better.

If you are someone who spends their time doing this already, then please reply now. Below, you will find some sample questions. Please… Continue reading

Here is another seller that claims he got no warning that his eBay selling privileges were about to be permanently suspended.

In this webcast interview John from Windy City Authentics (WindyCityAuthentic eBay ID) tells me he got no warning he was about to get the bums rush from his eBay selling slot. But the canned response email he received said he would still be able to buy. He says there is no appeal process, and support reps will not tell him the reason he was given a permanent… Continue reading

Man stole brains from dead mental patients and sold them on eBay

Only on eBay! Ya cant make stuff like this up!

Desperate for cash, a young man breaks into a warehouse to steal the brains of dead mental patients, and the body parts are later sold on eBay.

Authorities say David Charles, a 21-year-old Indianapolis resident, is accused of breaking into the Indiana Medical History Museum multiple times last year and stealing jars of human brain tissue and other preserved material. A tipster who paid hundreds of dollars on… Continue reading

eBay issued a press release claiming PayPal was safe after Target recently suffered a huge data breach.

HOWEVER this security advisory published by exposed an XSRF Vulnerbility eBay claims they fixed.

eBay is vulnerable to a hack that would allow an attacker to hijack an account and make unauthorized purchases from the victim’s account that would be difficult to disprove.

The vulnerability was discovered and reported to eBay in August, and despite three separate communications from the online auction and marketplace that the code in question was repaired, the… Continue reading

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