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Here is another seller that claims he got no warning that his eBay selling privileges were about to be permanently suspended.

In this webcast interview John from Windy City Authentics (WindyCityAuthentic eBay ID) tells me he got no warning he was about to get the bums rush from his eBay selling slot. But the canned response email he received said he would still be able to buy. He says there is no appeal process, and support reps will not tell him the reason he was given a permanent selling suspension.

Personally i feel eBay has raised the bar too high for small sellers. It’s nearly impossible to compete with the Diamond Top Rated PowerSellers.

It’s obvious that eBay is weeding out small sellers thinking the big guys will be less problems and earn them more money. But on the other hand it don’t make any sense to toss money into the trash. And in John’s case that averaged between $3-5k per month.

Another dirty little eBay secret i have read about is, other TRS use unlinked buying accounts to neg small sellers and file claims with eBay. They do this to steal an item to resell and at the same time get their competition suspended.

John also told me that eBay was preventing sellers with selling sanctions from posting on their forums. Guess all the noise with Charlie had something to do with that.

Update 01/14/2013: Windy City Authentic’s eBay sellers account has been reinstated.

John shared this info with me: If you were suspended between Nov 22nd-Dec 12th its likely it was due to their guardrail glitch. THE ONLY WAY a seller is going to get back on eBay is to contact one of the seller protection team members through eBay’s community account suspension area. You can send a private email to one of the team members with the blue icon. You will not be able to get reinstated by calling in. The customer service reps are not allowed to tell you anything or make changes to your accounts. ONLY the seller protection team. After your email is sent to one of the team members it shouldn’t take more than 3 days unless you actually were suspended by fault.

John, good luck with your eBay business. And my sincerest best wishes.
WindyCityAuthentic eBay Feedback Detailed

There is a topic started on this situation in our forums. Everyone is welcome to add their thoughts etc.
No censorship or pink slaps here!

Windy City Authentics Gets The Boot By Ebay Inc

If your eBay business has been shut down costing you money or hardship, file a complaint with the California Attorney Generals Office: File a Complaint Against a Professional or Business. eBay is required by law to respond to You and the state of California.

YouTube personal message by Team eBay stalker PopGoesChickAbout the Author: I am an eBay critic that's been documenting eBay scams since 2006. I took this website over from the original owner that runs Ebay Motors Sucks because he felt the need to move on. The articles before 2/26/2014 on this site were written by him and not by Ebayisajoke.


Doc started documenting this situation after being attacked on YouTube. Nasty comments were placed on his videos and he was sent threatening vulgar pm's. It appears a group that calls themselves Team eBay headed up by Joseph DeMarco an eBay top rated seller is behind these acts of YouTube cyber terrorism archived on this website. It is also alleged that Lithium Technologies Inc is manipulating the message using SuperFans defending their client eBay Inc. So the big question remains: Is eBay INC trying to kill TWO Critics with one stone?


Copyright Disclaimer :Article and Video content on this website are exempt from copyright claims under the fair use doctrine. Examples of fair use include commentary, search engines, criticism, parody, news reporting, research, teaching, library archiving and scholarship.

7 Responses to eBay Seller Windy City Authentics Latest To Be Purged

  • Ebay can only survive on the blinded sellers that can’t see 2ft in front of their face when it comes to the fraudulent practices concerning fvf statements, and bogus buyer chargebacks. Still happening to this day matter of fact.

  • Mouse over your own name on a comment and then click on the resulting “View Profile”

  • Linkedin is a site for business connections mostly. Probably a bot or web scraper harvesting your info. With all the data trollers running crawlers and hiding behind Amazon’s AWS Cesspool it takes a ton of cpu and memory to handle theise rogue bots requests after a tweet or Facebook post is shared. I’m sure that’s what you are seeing.

    BTW: How can you view your Linkedin stats to see who view your page?

  • Would you believe that eBay’s head turkey, Johnny Ho (and another eBay stooge) has recently viewed my profile on LinkedIn—not that there is anything there to see, except my email address … Regardless, it’s nice to know that the Ho turkey does place a value all the PR work I do for him … Ho, Ho, Ho …

  • Did someone mention eBay/PayPal?

    Shill bidding fraud by professional sellers on eBay nominal-start auctions is demonstrably endemic; bidders who bid early and often on such auctions will most likely be sellers’ shills, and eBay Inc. is – also demonstrably – the greatest knowing and calculated facilitator of such fraud on consumers that the world is ever likely to know and, doubtless, there will be a trickle down effect of like criminal activity to other eBay operations …

    The ugly reality of eBay Inc.:
    eBay’s crooked auctions marketplace …
    eBay Motors (UK): Auction Fraud Galore …
    eBay’s clunky, unscrupulous “PreyPal” …
    The ongoing joke of eBay Inc. …
    Fun quotes from the eBay executive suite …

    The only thing that surprises me about this utterly unscrupulous corporation is that it has not yet summoned up the gall to further obscure the endemic shill bidding fraud by converting its auctions wholly to its devious, seller-selected, “private listing” format, or by changing bidding IDs to “Bidder 1″, “Bidder 2″, “Bidder 3″, etc, as they initially were going to do/did when Donahoe first introduced the additional layer of anonymity for (shill) bidders in 2008, nor – surprisingly – have they yet ceased to publish the details of “completed” listings, a post-sale analysis of which, with some effort, can clearly demonstrate this endemic fraud and eBay’s calculated facilitation thereof …

    And what does the “smart money” on Wall Street think about eBay? Well, in August 2007, when the “Pain From Bain”, Johnny Ho, was already effectively in control of eBay, the share prices of both eBay and Amazon were ~$40; today, eBay is ~$53; Amazon is ~$400 … Now, seriously, what more can be said, other than …

    eBay / PayPal / Donahoe: Dead Men Walking …

    I also have to wonder if Pierre Omidyar has ever thought about just how much more fabulously wealthy he would now have been had he, before Johnny Ho took control, traded his eBay stock in for Amazon stock, or had he not ok’d the handing over of the control of eBay to this unscrupulous, incompetent, destructive, narcissistic sociopath?

  • Well, the FB group Former Ebay Sellers has now reached 144 members, many are vocal posters posting links to video interviews with JD, links to news stories about ebay, etc., etc. Many are refuges from the rude and misleading bizarro world of Seller Central on ebay discussion groups, good people who grew tired of insults and bickering. In many ways, this group has become an alternative to the ebay discussion boards for many people. It is part of the “social media backlash” against ebay, a natural grassroots phenomena that is happening. Visit

  • I also did an article on this over at my blog this is a very interesting story like Charlie’s was. eBay will get a big egg in their face when or if Ina picks up on this story. This guy lost his business and may have to file bankruptcy. I really think eBay didn’t like the fact this guy was selling from his own store.