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Came across this job listing on Elance. Notice this verbiage: Also, sending people to eBay or Amazon’s customer service is unacceptable.

We are looking for an eBay and Amazon expert to go on their respective forums and help our potential customers solve problems they are having with each platform. We expect you to gather information for us, which will help make our product even better.

If you are someone who spends their time doing this already, then please reply now. Below, you will find some sample questions. Please respond to the questions when sending me your proposal so I can get an idea of how much experience you have with eBay and Amazon.

Our ideal candidate will be willing to search for answers if they do not know them. Also, sending people to eBay or Amazon’s customer service is unacceptable. The people we are dealing with are experienced sellers and know that they can pick up the phone and call the company, but are seeking answers elsewhere and we hope that you will be able to provide them what they need.

It has long been said that eBay uses shills and sock puppets “paid spokespersons masquerading as private individuals” to steer or derail forum conversations.

ebay forum question about use of shills

This practice is Illegal and against FTC Regulations: FTC Publishes Final Guides Governing Endorsements, Testimonials. However the FTC is not enforcing the law. Are big corporations paying off officials responsible for enforcement?

Elance eBay Amazon Job Listing

Oh well.. That’s how some eCommerce Giants operate these days.

YouTube personal message by Team eBay stalker PopGoesChickAbout the Author: I am an eBay critic that's been documenting eBay scams since 2006. I took this website over from the original owner that runs Ebay Motors Sucks because he felt the need to move on. The articles before 2/26/2014 on this site were written by him and not by Ebayisajoke.


Doc started documenting this situation after being attacked on YouTube. Nasty comments were placed on his videos and he was sent threatening vulgar pm's. It appears a group that calls themselves Team eBay headed up by Joseph DeMarco an eBay top rated seller is behind these acts of YouTube cyber terrorism archived on this website. It is also alleged that Lithium Technologies Inc is manipulating the message using SuperFans defending their client eBay Inc. So the big question remains: Is eBay INC trying to kill TWO Critics with one stone?


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