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Has your eBay sellers account been suspended? This information might help.

ebay employee email addressesHere is a list of eBay Employee email addresses that might be able to help get your suspension lifted.

We all know how hard it is to make contact with someone at eBay support because of how they hide contact info.

Apparently someone at eBay Community (Lithium Technologies) left the barn door wide open allowing Google to index 181 current eBay employee email addresses.

There is a good chance these addresses will be wiped from Google’s index as soon as eBay gets wind of this embarrassing undoubtedly accidental exposure. In that case we have captured all 181 entries in the below video via screen video. The list is after eBayisaJoke and my podcast discussion.

As eBayisaJoke says, please do not use this contact info to spam or otherwise abuse the individuals listed. Rather use it to contact an employee to get your suspension lifted.

If you have exhausted all the resources available and still can not get your suspension lifted contact me to tell your eBay story. We can do an audio phone recording or a Skype video webcast to be shared on YouTube and other sources on the web. Let the public and especially eBay’s shareholders know how eBay Inc is throwing “Their Money” in the trash by suspending your good sellers account.

Ebayisajoke Finds Contact Information On 180 eBay Employees Using Google

YouTube personal message by Team eBay stalker PopGoesChickAbout the Author: I am an eBay critic that's been documenting eBay scams since 2006. I took this website over from the original owner that runs Ebay Motors Sucks because he felt the need to move on. The articles before 2/26/2014 on this site were written by him and not by Ebayisajoke.


Doc started documenting this situation after being attacked on YouTube. Nasty comments were placed on his videos and he was sent threatening vulgar pm's. It appears a group that calls themselves Team eBay headed up by Joseph DeMarco an eBay top rated seller is behind these acts of YouTube cyber terrorism archived on this website. It is also alleged that Lithium Technologies Inc is manipulating the message using SuperFans defending their client eBay Inc. So the big question remains: Is eBay INC trying to kill TWO Critics with one stone?


Copyright Disclaimer :Article and Video content on this website are exempt from copyright claims under the fair use doctrine. Examples of fair use include commentary, search engines, criticism, parody, news reporting, research, teaching, library archiving and scholarship.

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